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Bottle Collection in the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is in no way different from the other states in the Union. However, it is important to note that Hawaii boasts of manufacturing ceramic and glass bottles in the form of containers intended to be out into effective use by different companies in Hawaii. Many people are aware of the fact that Hawaii has a history of different clubs made by the bottle collectors. On the off chances of Hawaii being declared a state, there was not bottle collection activity taking place throughout the island. However, it was only after Hawaii was declared a state that many people living here started engaging themselves in the hobby of collecting different varieties of bottles. At present, there are several bottle shows arranged on the Hawaiian mainland and it does not come as a surprise that these shows are filled with bottles of different varieties.

The Evolution of Hawaii Historical Bottle Collectors Club

The bottles exclusive to Hawaii are beers, gins, whiskeys and other medicine bottles. Interestingly, there are different publications featuring Hawaiian bottles. You can easily find publications on ABM and milk bottles. These are assembled by the local bottle collectors. These bottle collectors are active members of The Hawaii Historical Bottle Collectors Club. Bottle collection in Hawaii officially took off during the 1960s and 1970s. However, there were early collectors during the 1950s as well. The Hawaii Historical Bottle Collectors Club came into being in the year 1970 and it still possesses active membership. The club holds monthly meetings and annual bottle shows. These shows are widely attended by the mainlanders and locals.

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